Addi SockWonder Basic 25mm (2.5mm tip size)
Addi SockWonder Basic 25mm (2.5mm tip size)

Addi SockWonder Basic 25mm (2.5mm tip size)

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This wonderful little circular needle from German addi now makes it easier to knit socks, sleeves, mittens and baby clothes.

Addi Sock Wonder Lace is an asymmetrical round needle which makes it easier to work around when you’re working hard on small projects with a small circumference. The needles have different lengths; the long needle is 70 mm (2.75 inches) and the short needle is 45 mm (1.77 inches). You knit with the long needle in the right hand while holding the short needle in the left. If you are left handed then it’s the opposite of course. With these needles you have the possibility to knit one whole sock without changing needles along the way. The cable is the same as addis’ other circular needles, smooth and light but only 25 cm (9.84 inches) long. Since everything is made so wonderfully, even the transition from needle to cable is totally smooth, so you’ll just want to use the circular needle over and over again.

Sock Wonder Lace has a longer needle with a LACE point.

Material: Nickel free brass
Cable length: 25 cm (9.84 inches)
Needle length: 70 mm (2.75 inches) and 45 mm (1.77 inches)

Needle thickness: 2.5mm